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Janet L. Donnelly, Professor, English & Linguistics

Office: G5
Phone: 302-4545

Janet L. Donnelly holds a BA and MA in Linguistics from the State University at Buffalo with specialization in African languages and comparative linguistics. Her tertiary-level teaching career spans 40 years with over 30 of these at The College of The Bahamas.

Since joining the College in 1977, Ms. Donnelly's interest has increasingly been in Bahamian Creole English, which has been the focus of the many papers she has published as well as presentations she has made at conferences and workshops. Among her other research interests are the role of language in identity, the origins of words (etymology), the impact of speech on writing (surface errors) and the written representation of speech (orthography).

As a founding member of the Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (BACUS), Ms. Donnelly has served on its executive as Treasurer and its Editorial Board since 1997. She is also a member of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL) where she has served as an executive officer on a number of occasions and is currently its Vice President. Link:

Included in the courses she has taught at COB are:

  • Composition: ENG 119, ENG 120 & ENG 300
  • UWI Foundation English for LLB programme: ENG 110 & 111
  • Linguistics: ENG 121, LIN 200, LIN 205, LIN 210, LIN 220 & ENG 405
  • Communications: COM 106 & COM 211
Among her publications are:
  • "Poetic, Prosaic or Apocryphal? The True Etymology of the Name 'Bahamas'." Yinna, Volume IV, Journal of the Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (BACUS), 2012.
  • "African Roots/Routes: African Influences on Bahamian Vernacular English." Yinna, Volume II, Journal of the Bahamas Association for Cultural Studies (BACUS), 2007.
  • "Basilectal Features of Bahamian Creole English." The College Forum (now The International Journal of Bahamian Studies), The College of The Bahamas, 1997. Link: