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mind: my mind tell me

[also Trin. (Ottley 71), Gul. (Rhame 1933:41); cf. also my mind give me idem in Guy. (Yansen 39), Krio (Hancock p.c.); a calque: cf. Yoruba Emí mi so fun mi wipe ki n má lo (iit, mind my tells to me that to not go) idem (Oyedeji p.c.); cf. also Twi ma dwen ye me (lit, my mind makes me) idem (Aboagye p.c.)] phr. I felt prompted (to do something). cf. ONE MIND TELL ME (Black)

mind run cross something phr. to think about something; to remember and reflect on an incident: Sometime ma mind does run cross dere (Nassau). (Black)

mind you do something [Car.; cf. OED mind be wary] phr. Mind you do not do something; take care lest ...: Mind you catch draft! (Nassau).

mind your ass [cf. OED mind to take heed (of what one does) + ASS as quasi reflexive] phr. to be careful; watch your step. cf. WATCH YOUR ASS (Black)

Tags: calque, phrase, reflexive pronoun

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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