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peasy, peasie

[Gni. idem (Stewart p.c.); cf. PEAS a tight curl but cf. also Car. Sp. pasa pe/o de negro, de rizo pequeñio y apretado (Alvarez Na-zario 1974:205)] adj. (of hair) very short and tightly curled: 1971 "peasie" hair (McCartney 68). His hair is come out peasy when he wash it (Nassau). = SEEDY (Gen.)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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Comment of Jonel Johnson:
My grandmother, a 77 year old native from Matthew Town, Inagua laughs at the word “Peasie”, reason being her mother used this adjective to describe her brother’s hair when he was a child. As soon as I gave her the word she would burst into laughter always remembering the word from when she was younger. She gives her own definition of the word Peasie as “when the hair on your head is rolled up in tiny curls that resemble the peas you pick off of the tree.” Unlike the word “Cousins” this refers to the whole head of hair. My great-grandmother would normally tell my grand-uncle “boy yu gat enough peas on your head for me to make peas ‘n’ rice”. My grandmother also stats that this term is used more frequently with Bahamian males than females.
Added at: 2014-03-10 01:23