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v. 1. [OED, to lurch (as of a ship)] (of peo-ple) to sway: 1966 Booky pitching and dancing (Crowley 88). (Black)

2. [Gul. idem (Parsons 1923:22); OED to hurl headlong] to jump suddenly: 1966 The girl pitch up and run (Crowley 87). You meet four, five crawfish, all you got to do is just tickle them—all on 'em just pitch up in the net (Andros). (Black)

3. [Atlantic; cf. Krio pichoba 'pitch over' fall over KED; OED to fall headlong heavily] usually in the phrase pitch down, to let oneself drop; to fall: 1966 He pitch down in a hole (Crowley 68). If he could get out (of a house in the air) he will pitch down (ibid 55). Snake in the thatch swing hisself to and fro to pitch on the baby (Andros). (Black)

4. [OED, to thrust a pointed instrument into or through something obs. →1398] to throw (a knife): 1966 He throw the knife. . .he pitch it in he eye (Crowley 115). (Gen.)

5. [OED, to utter, tell slang] to tell (a riddle); to sing (a song): 1895 De vwoman pitch de song (Edwards 76). Pitch a riddle (ibid 96). (Black)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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