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v. [Car.; also US dial. South WEA, Black (Smiley 1919:371); OED, to burst with a pop] 1. to break, snap, tear, not necessarily with a noise: 1918 (He) run so, he laig pop (Parsons 147). 1963 De main sheet pop.. .the main line had broken (Cottman 51). 1978 I'll let them pop my neck (Smith 36). You never know what darken the hole till the tiger tail pop (proverb, Cat). (Gen.)

2. [cf. DAS pop v.t. to have sexual intercourse with] to take a girl's virginity: He pop her (Nassau). He pop it off (Eleu.). (Black)

—n. [cf. DHS pop it in to effect intromission; DAS pop sexual intercourse] sexual intercourse: He catch a pop (Exuma),

pop his water [referring to ejaculation] phr. (of young men) to come of age sexually: 1971 Young boys in my teenage years were constantly looking for this woman who would cause them to "pop their water" or "burst" (to lose their virginity) (McCartney 110). (Black)

pop off [DAUL idem; cf. POP HIS WATER] phr. to reach sexual climax. (White)

Tags: idiom, noun, phrase, sexuality, verb

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Last update: 2011-06-02 01:27
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.1

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