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Pregnancy and Birth

Bahamians love children; it is considered a great misfortune to be BARRENT or a BOAR STAG. A man who fathers a child every year is said to have DOUBLE LUCK and a couple with a PUDDLE OF CHILDREN is described as PROSPEROUS. If a man BIG a woman, she is said to be BIG FOR him. A BELLY WOMAN must be given the food she craves or else she runs the risk of MARKING her unborn child. There is another belief that her child may FAVOR any person for whom she forms an emotional attachment while she is BREEDING, whence the insult "Your mama mussy pity dog!" Traditionally when a woman was HEAVY DOWN) and ready to DROP CHILD, the GRANNY would give her TEA made of FOOT-GRASS to protect her from any OBEAH that could cause a MISHAPS. A STRAW BED would be prepared and the granny would PUT the expectant mother TO BED to BORN her child. A LONG-FOOT woman who might linger in pain was sometimes given tea made of CROSSROAD DIRT or liquor to HOT THE PAIN HOT THE PAIN. After the child was born and its NABEL STRING cut, its BIRTH would be buried in the mother's yard, which became the child's BIRTH-PLACE granny could expect a special bond of affection from the GRANNY- CHILD she had helped to birth.

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