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[OED to flow] adj. (of a liquid consistency) runny: 1966 When that (bread) was half done, only the bottom was done, and the top was yet run (Crowley 119). (Black)

--v. in various idioms:

run a game on someone [cf. US dial. South run a rig on someone idem ADD; Black get a game up on someone idem (Smiley 1919:367) and run a game on someone idem (Claerbaut)] phr. to gain someone's confidence in order to swindle him (Black)

run out [cf. RUN YOUR MOUTH]v. phr. 1. to say too much; to divulge a secret: She say how he's be drinking and smoking and how he try to burn her house down. Boy, she could run out! (Nassau). (Black)

2. to say something improper. (Inagua, Mayag.]

run overphr.1. to overtake: 1918Ah sleep too late an' time run over me(Parsons 61). (Gen.)

2. to dominate (a person): You ain' gon run over me like you do your mammy! (Nassau). (Gen.)

run your bell [Atlantic] phr. to cause diarrhea: Too much fruit can run your belly (Nassau). See RUNNY-BELLY (Black)

run you (long) mouth [Atlantic; cf. US slangrun off at the mouth DAS] be too talkative; to divulge secrets:You like run ya long mouth, eh? (Adelaide). Your mouth run like water (Nassau). That run-mouth woman (Nassau). He got a runny mouth (Eleu). (Black).

run water [cf. Krio run wata idem KED; cf. also EYE-WATER tears] v. phr. (of the eyes) to be full of tears (Gen).

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