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/se(y)/ conj. [Car., US Black; cf. Twi idem, converging with say (before quotations) and parallel use of verbs meaning ´say' in Ibo, Ewe, Mende etc. (Turner 1949:211) cf. also Port. se if, whether and Haitian si that (conj.): m pa te konnen at papa-au te mouri I didn't know that your father had died HCEFD] 1. that (intro­ducing a quotation, usually after a verb like tell): 1966 The baker tell him say get him some wood (Crowley 127). (Black)

2. [W Car.; probably an extension of def. 1 influ­enced by the use of English that] that (introduc­ing subordinate clauses after verbs of perception, etc.; rare in Nassau): I hear say they shoulda be ready. These children today can't believe say you could be twelve years old and be a monitress. I remember say I done left light on. I know say the bill only $4.00 (Shilling 1977,1979). (Black)

—v. /sey/ [MCC; ef. US Black The rock say, "Shhh!" (Labov 1973:103); Gul. idem (Stewart p.c.)] (of objects) to make a noise: 1966 The rewolwer go say, "Voom" (Crowley 107). (Black)

Tags: conjunction, grammar, verb

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Last update: 2011-07-15 23:36
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.0

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