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adj. 1. [Atlantic; cf. DJE, KED] shiny, shining.

2. [cf. DAE shiner a silver or gold coin, slang.] (of coins) silver, as opposed to copper: 1938 Right dis way, bawse—a shine one (Nassau Magazine V:3:13)

 —n. 1. [DJE idem; cf. US shine (derog.) a Negro "from the highlights on his countenance" 1907 DAS; a term Negroes use (Walker 1956:295); cf. Yoruba a dù mã dán (lit, someone black and shining) idem (Oyedeji p.c.)] a person of very dark complexion (usually derog.). <Black>

 2. [cf. US Black Shine, protagonist of the toast, "Shine and the Sinking of the Titanic" (Smither-man 1977:252); cf. Gullah Shaitan man's name from Hausa from Arabic 'evil spirit' (Turner 1949:163) and DAE shine caper or trick] name of the hero of a genre of stories, jokes and rhyming couplets recited by children and adolescents; by wit and cunning he outsmarts those who try to manipulate him: 1973 Shine was a clever black man who always worked for the "Boss", a white man . . Except for his wit, that set him above everybody, and his sexual prowess . . Shine was always a servant, a slave, or a guide . . . It was sure as hell good knowing there was a "super nigger" (Missick 13). So Shine daddy say, "Son, if you bad enough, you hit him one more time " (Nassau), <Black>

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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