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[cf. Bajan, Gul. ṧíṧí effeminate (Hancock 1979:12); Sra. sisi master's concubine (Voorhoeve & Lichtveld 1975:5); cf. Haitian masisi homosexuel TDKF; cf. OED sissy sister (U.S.), perhaps influenced by Bantu sisi idem SA; DHS sissie an effeminate boy or man, hence a passive homosexual; latter not in DAS but US Black (Smitherman 1977:254)] n. often attributive. 1. effeminate male: 1971 At the pre-puberty stage "sissy" is a term of derision applied to boys with a manifest lack of interest or ability in male-oriented activities, but does not yet contain, as it does during and after puberty, the implication of erotic interest in the same sex (McCartney 143). <Black>

 2. homosexual: 1966 (Otterbein 67). 1978 (in reference to a transvestite) Dis big sissy come dancin' wit' me! Let's drag his ass outside an' beat 'im! (Smith 16). <Black>

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