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 n. 1. [Atlantic (Alleyne 13)] body, especially in phr. like CUT HIS SKIN give him a beating. <Black>

 2. [Pan-Creole; cf. "reflexive expressed by word meaning 'body': Jam., Krio, Guy. yu (s)kin, Pap. su kurpa, Haitian kor u" (Alleyne 13); cf. also Haitian sove po-ou (lit. save skin-your) to save oneself (Gaujean p.c.); probably an African calque on e.g. Nilotic ro body, self (Hamburger 131) influencing OED save one's skin save oneself from harm] a quasi-reflexive pronoun in phr. like BATHE YOUR SKIN take a bath. <Black>

 —v. [cf. Car, skin your teeth to draw lips back in a grin DJE, Sra. pirtifi (lit, peel-teeth) to grin WST, and Twi nwe-ne se (lit, skin teeth) foolish grin (K. Aboagye p.c.), influencing OED skin to strip of skin] (of lips) to draw back: 1978 When y' hit dat goat pepper in d' middle, y' eye fly open like glass sash, y' lip skin back an' trimble (Dupuch 31). <Black>

 give me some skin(s) [cf. US Black give me some skin to slap hands with someone, a friendly gesture, distinctly black, considered manly (Major); cf. use of similar phrases in West African languages when offering a hand shake, e.g. Temne bot mə-dɛr (lit. 'put skin') or mandingo i golo don m bolo (lit. 'put your skin in my hand') (Dalby 1972:185)] phr. Let me shake (or slap) your hand (a friendly or congratulatory gesture). <Black>

 skin up your face [cf. Car. idem, to sneer; cf. SKIN v.] phr. to contort one's face: 1973 Her face was skinned up, showing one of those professional smiles (Missick 15). <Black>

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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