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[Car.; from lighter-skinned Spanish-speakers being considered RED] adj. of a color from red to tan to gold (in compound words).

Spanish calalu [DJE idem] n. pokeweed, Phytolacca octandra: 1889 (Gardner 401). (Inagua)

Spanish cedar [W Car, different sp.] n. a tree, Casuarina equisetifolia: 1910 (Northrop 149). = BEEF WOOD (Gen.)

Spanish guava n. a shrub, Catesbaea spinosa, with yellow flowers and berries: 1920 (Britton 411). cf. WILD GUAVA (San Sal.)

Spanish hog plum [cf. W Car. Spanish plum (S. purpurea) and HOG PLUM (Spondias sp.)] n. a tree, Spondias lutea, and its yellow fruit: 1889 (Gardner 374). (San Sal.)

Spanish margaret [cf. MARGARET] n. a fish (sp?) resembling the grunt. = JACK SPANIARD 2. (San Sal.)

Spanish nightingale n. the Bahama mockingbird, Mimus grundlachii, brownish gray with whitish underparts: 1940 (Bond 167).

Spanish paroquet n. a bird, Loxigilla violacea: 1880 (Cory 85). = JACK SPANIARD, BLACK CHARLES 2, SPANIARD, RED SPANIARD

Spanish plum [DJE idem] n. a tree, Ximenia americana, and its yellow fruit: 1946 (Morton 103). = SEASIDE PLUM, WILD PLUM (San Sal., White)

Spanish thrasher [cf. THRASHER] n. a bird, the red-legged thrush (Mimocichla plumbea): 1972 (Paterson 126). = BLUE JANE, BLUE THRASHER (San Sal.)

Spanish top palm [cf. TOP palm] n. a tree: 1920 Paurotis wrightii … Spanish Top (Britton 60). 1977 Acoelorrhaphe wrightii (Patterson 11). (San Sal.)

Spanish woodpecker n. a bird, Dendrocopus villosus; it is black and white with a red band around its neck: 1940 (Bond 147, p.c.).

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