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v. 1. [W Car.; OED, to stop (absolute) obs. → 1777] to halt: Stay! (Nassau). (Gen.)

2. [W Car.; OED idem Scots, SA also U.S. dial. South (Brown 1976)] to reside (permanently): 1918 Was a house on a hill where two girl stay (Parsons 30). (Gen.)

3. [Car.; cf. OED, to remain in a certain condition, e.g. stay bent; cf. also Sp. estar, Port. estár to be (in a certain position, location, condition)] to be (in a certain state or of a certain character): This boy in trouble every day. I don't know why he stay so (Nassau). (Black)

4. [cf. W Car. study idem, US Black steady: Them fools steady hustlin' everybody they see (Baugh 1980:3)] to be always (doing something): I stay doing that (Nassau). cf. LIVE DOING. you stay right there [cf. Gul. idem (Turner 1949: 279); the original idea seems to be a lack of progression in getting to the heart of the matter; cf. Haitian ou poko la F. vous n'y êtes pas encore. E. That's not it (e.g. answer to a riddle) HCEFD]

phr. 1. You can believe that if you want to. (Exuma, Nassau)

2. You'll regret that. (Nassau)

3. of course: "I live off o' raisin' goat an' ridin' horse." "You could ride horse?" "You stay there!" (Long).

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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