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n. 1. [Atlantic (Hancock 1969:50); cf. Pap. palo lumber (Hoyer 55); Sp. palo stick acquired the meanings 'wood; tree' after 1591 (Coro-minas), possibly influenced by African usage; its Port. cognate pau means 'stick; wood' in Europe but 'tree' in Sar. (Herskovits 1941:285) and in compounds from Sāo Tomé DEP as well as in Brazil (M. Leite p.c.); this may have influenced the first element in Haitian piébois tree (Paine 1974:34), cf. Ibo osisi stick, tree (Okolo p.c.) and Yoruba igi idem (Oyedeji p.c.)] tree; wood: A stick name pine (Nassau). A piece o' stick (Nassau). (Black)

2. [Car; cf. DJE and Sra. redi tiki kasaba (lit. redstick cassava) WST] the stem of the cassava plant: 1978 Grate about one dozen large sticks of cassava (Higgs 124). cf. BLACK STICK, WHITE STICK (Gen.)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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