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v. 1. [Car.; OED idem obs. → 1811; Brit. dial. North study ponder, consider EDD; also US dial. South, Black ADD] to consider carefully: 1880 Wouldn't you be karful of dem hundred dollars? Wouldn't yer mind and study how yer spend 'em? (Ives 159). 1940 "Wait. Lemmuh study dis ting out." He seddown an' he tink (Dupuch 39). (Gen.)

2. [OED, to consider the interests of colloq.] to heed; to pay attention to: 1940 Dey ain't gon have time t' tink 'bout d' sixty-tousan' peepul down roun' Bahama Banks. Dey ain't gon study us (Dupuch 61). That dog ain't study you. He gone straight inside (Crooked). (Gen.)

study your head [Car.; cf. Gul. I stop an study muh mind (Writers' Program 1940:53); cf. STUDY 1 and HEAD as quasi reflexive] phr. to think through carefully: My father, he got to the place, after I become man, for we all to study we head [how] we coulda own the whole thing of Nurse Cay (Ragged). (Black)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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