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adj. 1. [Atlantic; cf. OED, having a pleasant taste (but last quot. with meat etc. is 1765); cf. Port. Cr. doši tasty, from Port. doce sweet (Ivens Ferraz 1979:102); cf. Yoruba dùn sweet, tasty (Oyedeji p.c.); cf. lbo azu suso (lit. fish sweet) The fish is tasty (Okolo p.c.)] tasty, savory: 1918 This meat is sweet (Parsons 130). A sweet piece of fish (White). (Gen.)

2. [DJE, "a general term of commendation, rather emphatic; far more common in use than elsewhere: very nice"; cf. Haitian dous sweet, pleasant HCEFD; probably influenced by African usage: cf. Twi Asɛ̒m no yɛ dɛ dodo (lit. story it is sweet too much) The tale is very nice (Herskovits 288)] pleasing, agreeable, kind (without standard English connotations): 1918 That sweet (make 'em feel glad) (Parsons 6). You is a sweet man (Nassau). (Black)

v. [Car.; cf. OED, to give pleasure → 1602 (later quot. "West Indian Negro"); cf. US Black Rice cake sweet me so (Davis 1914:254)] to please: 1936 It sweet muh summuch I turn back an' make dat loop agen (Dupuch 51). 1978 When d' music sweet 'im he kick up he leg like dem gals t' Hog Run (Dupuch 31). = SWEETEN (Black)

sweet with somebody [Car.] phr. to be on intimate or amorous terms with somebody. (Black)

Tags: adjective, phrase, verb

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