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/trow/ v. 1. [OED, to shoot, as a missile engine] to shoot (an arrow): 1966 Jack had about three arrow...he throw the first one (Crowley 115). <Andros>

2. [OED idem rare] to sprout a flower stem (e.g. of the banana tree): When the hurricane come, the banana just throw (Crooked). <Crooked, Mayag.>

3. to give (a salute): 1940 [He] trow...d' salute (Dupuch 92).

4. [Car.; also Trin. (Winer), Cayman (Doran 1954:84), Brit. dial. OED] to vomit; Get the pail -she gon throw! (Exuma).

throw a hand [cf. DJE throw to contribute money; cf. HAND an individual's contribution to an ASUE] phr. to contribute money to an ASUE: 1978 (Bethel 4). cf. THROW ASUE <Black>

throw a riddle phr. to ask a riddle: 1928 (Parsons 480). <Black>

throw asue [cf. DJE throw top contribute money] phr. to participate in an ASUE. cf. THROW A HAND <Black>

throw a toast [cf. OED throw to express in a specified form obs. →1789; cf. US Black toast an epic poem in rhymed couplets (Burling 1973:80)] phr. to say a short poem. <Andros>

throw away /trow wey/ [Atlantic (Hancock 1969:40); OED, to cast away as useless] phr. to spill: He gone throw way the powder all over the floor (Nassau). <Black>

throw curses [cf. THROW WORDS] phr. to curse; to insult. <Gen.>

throw in [cf. DJE throw to contribute (money); OED, to put in as a supplement or addition] phr. to donate (money to a cause). <Black>

throw jeers, jezz, jazz. See THROW WORDS.

throw licks on somebody [cf. Car. throw a lick idem DJE; cf. LICK blow] phr. to give somebody a beating: He ain' do his homework and his teacher sure throw licks on him (Nassau). <Gen.>

throw light [OED, to make clearer) phr. to address a congregation after a sermon, explaining its lessons: 1966 (Otterbein 55). <Inagua>

throw lowness <Black>; throw you low <Exuma> [cf. OED throw to direct (words) in hostility or contempt; cf. Gul. lowness vile deed (Parsons 1923:20) phr. to humiliate a person by making known the good deeds one has done on his behalf: Just 'cause you len' me a dollar ain' no reason to throw lowness on me (Nassau). cf. STOOP LOW 2 <Black>

throw off [OED, to discharge waste} v.phr. to drain: 1978 Clean beans, then soak for an hour or more in cold water. Throw water off,cover well with more cold water and boil until tender (Higgs 49). <Gen.>

throw somebody in the dump phr. to leave somebody in the lurch. <Exuma, Eleu.>  

throw words <Black>; throw jeers <Nassau>; throw jezz <Black>; throw jazz <San Sal.> [cf. Car. throw words DJE; cf. Gul. throw words at talk at (Gonzales 1924:46), Gul. "Cuss um; t'row haa'd remaak at um" (Writers' Program 1940:96); cf. OED throw to direct (words, an utterance) towards, etc., eps. in hostility or contempt,obs?→1822; cf. OEDS jazz meaningless or empty talk, although it is unclear whether jazz is a rationalization of jeers or vice versa.] phr. to speak abusively to someone about a third party within the latter's hearing, while the reference of the tirade remains unclear: He was sitting near me in church and I hear him throw jeers at me (Nassau). cf. THROW CURSES

throw yourself down [Car.] phr. to lie down for a short rest. <Gen.>

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