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[Car.; OED whilk variant of whelk] n. sing. or pl. an edible shellfish, Cittarium pica, resemb-ling a small snail: 1782 Their shell-fish are conques. . .wilkes (Bruce 46). 1925 Whilks and conch is plentiful along the sho' (Finlay 297). 1978 Whelks stew (Higgs 31). (Black)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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Comment of Alexandria King:
Growing up on Cat Island, preparing Whilks for a meal was not uncommon for 50 year old Deniece King and 55 year old Sterling King. Mrs. King said that “Islanders” would prepare and clean whilks just like people prepare and clean conch. She reported that whilks can be cooked steam, with bottle tomato or fresh garden tomato with sweet pepper. Along with steam whilks, her and her family would eat this with yellow or guinea corn grits. Additionally, people on the Island would also cook whilks in a salad. They would prepare this dish with sour and pepper, just like couch salad is prepared. Mr. King said that his mother would cook whilks stew. Also, sometimes he would even eat whilks raw, just clean with no seasoning. He said the favor taste just like conch. Mr. King also said, “Whilks was carrying on bad, back in my day”.
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