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cocker-roach, cockaroach

/kóhkarowch/ [Car., New York City folk pronunciation ).1. Roper p.c.); cf. OED, 1624 cacarootch from Sp. cucaracha; W3's derivation "irregularly from (Latin) cuca caterpillar, moth" dubious since species lacks these stages; Sp. may derive from Mandingo kokoroche or Yoruba kokoro' insect (Ortiz 149) or Twi kakárakà cockroach BVA but direction of borrowing unclear; however, cf. Pap. kaka'laka idem (Hoyer 30)]

n. cockroach: 1936 Ain' got a ting t' do wid dey frog coat 'cept make recreation growl'fee cockeroch (Dupuch 90).

Once was a time and a very old time

Monkey chew tobacco and spit white lime

Bull-frog jump from limb to limb

And cockeroach keep up the time

[opening formula for folk tale] (Cat). (Gen.)

Tags: animal, folktales, insect, noun

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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