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coco, cocoa, coca, koka

/kóviko(w)/; co /kow/ [cf. Trio. Cr. Fr. coucou a hollowed-out calabash (Thomas 20); cf. (HARD-SKIN) COCOBEY and Ewe kong ko cup (Turner 1949:114), as well as Yoruba pókó small calabash used as a ladle (/p, k/ alternation elsewhere) DYL; cf. also Port. Cr. o'ko calabash, Bini uko idem (Ferraz 1979: 95)] n. a small gourd cut in half to serve as a cup, ladle, bailer, etc,: 1918 Put a coco on her head (Parsons 68). He get one cocoa an fill it up wi' water . . "Where you bring de co from?"(ibid 107). 1966 koka 'gourd' (African?) (Crowley 24). 1977 Coca . . . a cup made from a gourd, which was used for bailing out a boat (Albury 117). We does raise the coca in the yard. (San Sal.). (Gen.)

Tags: noun, plant, tool

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