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/káka/ n. [Pan-Creole; "Kaka or variants of it occurs in English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish, etc." (Hancock 1969:71); also Mauritian Cr. Fr. (P. Baker p.c.) and Miskito (Vaughan-Warman); cf. OED cack to void excrement ohs. → 1731 or dial. (cf. Latin cacare); cf. Mende ka waste matter (Turner 1949:102), Twi kligicarj stinking DJE] excrement (especially said to or by children or Haitians), (Gen.)

—v. to defecate: [child to its mother] Mama, I want caca bad-bad-my belly hurting (Nassau).

—intj. [Am. Sp. idem; cf. Mandinka kaka negative imperfective imperative: káka wò fó, Never say that! (Rowlands 1969b:90)] a warning to children not to do or touch something. (Gen.)

Tags: anatomy, children's language, interjection, noun, verb

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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Comment of Lisa Adderley:
Respondent is 45 year old Sherell Stuart from Nassau. She remembers caca was a creole word used in the Bahamas to represent stool (as in feces). Eg. I'm going to the bathroom to caca.
Added at: 2014-03-11 00:54