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[E Car., Gul. down away from the source point of the prevailing wind (Roy 1977:69); US to the south, but US dial. North down "in a northerly direction, contrary to the usual up. Esp. down (in) Maine" DARE; OED, to some place in the direction with the wind: 1769 "up to leeward, down to windward"I

adv. 1. toward the north: down along (Cat); down the cays (Albury 1977:157); down through (White); down the line (Eleu). cf. UP (Gen.)

2.    towards: Come down by me [i.e. come up to me] (Nassau).

3.    [OED, from an earlier to a later time obs. → 18161 later on: They won't be ready till down in February (Long).

down in years phr. of an advanced age: He down in years now and his body don't work like how it used to when he was younger (Nassau). (Black)

fry down phr. to cook until tender. (Black)

give somebody down the country [cf. US dial. South idem "give (one) hell.. .joc." DARE; US Black idem (Walker 1956:121)] phr. to speak one's mind; to call to account; to scold: When I see her, I gon give her down the country [for neglecting her father] (Nassau). (Gen.)

go down: to become thoroughly cooked: When the crab go down (Andros). (Black)

Tags: adverb, idiom, phrase, time

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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