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n. [from v. drop (a line, net)] an area good for fishing: 1918 He went from drop to drop, and he could not catch any fish (Parsons 126). 1977 fishing drops (Albury 117). (Gen.)

v. 1. [cf, eavesdrop] to pay close attention (to a conversation). (Andros)

2. [cf. DJE drop a lift; Krio idem (Hancock p.c.)] to drop a person off (in a car): 1940 We drop Tina (Dupuch 91). cf. LAND OFF

3. [by passivization] to be dropped: [of crabs for cooking] They just drop [in the boiling water] and cover up. (Cat, San Sal.)

drop a cut-ass on someone [Trin. idem (Winer); cf. CUT-ASS beating] phr. to give a person a beat-ing: When he fin' out that gal was cheatin' on him, he drop a cut-ass on her so bad, somebody had to call the police to save her (Nassau). (Black)

drop child [cf. OED drop to give birth...the usual word in reference to sheep] phr. to give birth: 1977 She les' drop chile [i.e. she has just been delivered of a baby] (Jones 15). (Exuma, San Sal.)

drop off [Belize idem (Dayley)] phr. to have a relapse (after an illness): He were gettin' better but he drop off and he could die (Nassau).

drop sleep [Krio idem (Hancock p.c.) from drop off + fall asleep] phr. to fall asleep: Every night I drop sleep in front of the TV (Nassau). (Black)

Tags: idiom, nautical, noun, phrase, verb

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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