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dry; dry up

[cf. OED dry barren, sterile, unfruitful obs. → 1680, probably influenced semantically by an African partial equivalent, e,g. Lamso yumeer dry, thin (Todd 1969:186)] v. to become barren: The tree is drying up [i.e. no longer bearing well] . (Black)

—adj. 1. (of plants) barren: 1918 De pigeon gone take berry from de berry tree. Be owl gone in a dry tree (Parsons 97), (Exuma, Mayag.)

2. [Pan-Creole; cf. Haitian chèch dry, skinny HCEFD; also Cam. CCD, Krio KED; cf. Yoruba enia náà gbe (lit, person the dry) The person is thin (Oyediji p.c.)] thin: She been sick and now she look so dry up (Nassa). (Black)

3. [cf. def. 2] wrinkled. (Andros)

4. [cf. Cam. dray lacking contents CCD; Krio an dray 'hand is dry'; (of person) be short of monkey KED; Gul. "Mr. Hard-times ... fin' de house dry" (Parsons 1923:133)] (of a store) not well stocked. (Black)

Tags: adjective, plant, verb

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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