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did, di

[Car.; from did as auxiliary verb converging with African anterior marker(s) of similar form, e.g. Yoruba ti (Rowlands 1969a:169) which, like Bah. did and Haitian te, marks both anterior and contrary-to-fact] preverbal marker.

1. of anterior time: 1895 De worrum swallow 'im down. . .de boy met whole lot o' people vwat de worrum did swallow (Edwards 72). 1936 He mussy did feel bad (Dupuch 51). 1966 He did need the water anyway cause he was choke (Crowley 103). 1973 One woman get de Holy Ghos' in de middle o' my bench, an' when she did done shake me up, ma funeral clothes was drench (Wallace 41). cf. BEEN, WAS (Black)

2. corresponding to Eng. was/were; have/had been (before adj., a subcategory of verbs): She did sick. She bin to Jamaica doctor and all (Andros).

3. contrary to fact: 1977 If I did meet him here when I come from there, I woulda beat him. But I didn't meet him; he did done gone (Shilling).

Tags: grammar, preverbal

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Last update: 2012-01-17 10:31
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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