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v. 1. [Atlantic, DAS idem] to harm: That bug won't do you nothing (Nassau). (Black)

2. [Car.] to harm by witchcraft: Somebody do me so (Nassau). cf. CARRY DOWN, CROSS, FIX

3. to play (a trick): 1966 I wouldn't do you a trick like that (Crowley 82). (Black)

4. to say (grace): 1966 We does grace before we eat (Crowley 121). (Black)

5. to participate (in a savings club): do asue (Adelaide).

6. to prepare (herbal remedies): do bush medicine (Andros).

7. [Car.; cf. DJE do: "/a néva du mi han so/ I never put my arm up like that"; US Black "He couldn't walk, he couldn't sit up, he couldn't do no way" (Parsons 1917a:173); cf. Brit. dial. North do to put, to place: "I wonder where he has done your pencils" EDD] to be or move in a certain position: His legs do out (Nassau). (Black)

8. [Atlantic; OED "do, the imperative, was used absolutely, as a word of encouragement or excitement" obs.→1610; US dial. South idem ADD] please!: 1895 Do, B' Rabby, doan' poin'. . .Do, B' Man, spare my life (Edwards 64, 66). (Black)

9. [cf. def. 8] please don't; please leave me alone. (Exuma)

10. used absolutely: [of a crab's climbing] Crab can't do with the shingle, but you see  'e could do with the thatch leaf (Nassau). cf. DID, DOES, DONE

11. [by passivization] to be done: The plait do with a fine-fine string (Ragged).

do for more; do for too much [Car.] phr. to overdo; to be unreasonable: 1969 Dese peepul does do fer mo'. I dunno what dey gon link of nex'  (Dupuch 11).

do sense phr. to make sense: I hope I did some sense (Long). (Black)

Tags: grammar, phrase, verb, verb phrase

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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