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/doz, az, z/ [Car.; this form probably derives from an African habitual marker such as Ewe a WES or Yoruba maa (Rowlands 1969a:61), becoming a proto-creole form *na or *da marking habitual/progressive (cf. A, DA, DE); *da then converged with the English auxiliary does, which did not require emphasis in the 17th century and conveyed, like the simple present tense, the idea of habitual action: "He does drink". Although not reported for Jamaican, habitual does is found in Gullah and E and W Car. Eng. creoles. See Alleyne 1980:85, Holm 1978:259-61, Rickford 1974:99, 107, 1977:204, Shilling 1977:65-71, Stewart p.c.]

preverbal marker, indicates habitual action: 1936 I hear y' does haddy stop full now.. figger p'leecemun mussy does cum up an' tell yuh wen t' go (Dupuch 29). 1966 Lazy, you know, how like some people does (Crowley 53). 1977 Island used to get out a grocery. Sometime we does hadi get cabbage for food (Shilling 66). Miss Trudy does say that (White). cf. BE2, IS3

Tags: grammar, preverbal

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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