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/íybow/ [OED Eboe a name applied in the West Indies to the negroes from Benin; cf. the lbo or Igbo people of southern Nigeria; the term survives as a synonym for a light complexion, e.g. MCC Ebo mulatto or US dial. South Ebo-colored WSC] n. 1. Obs. [DJE ideml an African ethnic group: 1891 [Bahamians] still retain their African tribal distinctions; they are divided into Yourubas, Egbas, Ebos, Congos, etc. (Stark 188).

2. Obs. [DJE idem] Igboland: 1817 Mrs. Wallace . . .was from Ebo in Africa, first brought to Jamaica, then to Pensacola, then to Charleston, then to St. Augustine, and then to Nassau (Dowson 49).

3. ghosts that walk along the shore at night: Ebo used to be people living on Andros before the Congo came (Andros).

◊"Note that the British imported ´Eboes' to the Caribbean from the early 18th century, whereas 'Congos' were not brought in significant numbers until the latter part of that century" (Le Page & De Camp 1960:74-75).

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