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/édi/ [Car. édo; OED eddoes. . .eddy-root; DJE "cf. Fante edwó(w) yam, ndwo(w) root" also Nupe èdu wild yam sp. DNL, Igbo ede (Xanthosoma sagittifolium)1ED; cf. also Yoruba isu edò yam of the Edo (an ethnic group), a variety of yam (Oyedeji p.c.); since some African plants and their names were imported via the Car. (see DJE coca), possibly from etu eddo in the Alfaren Amerindian language of Guyana (Friederici 1947:242)

n. the eddo, a root vegetable (Xanthosoma sp. or Colocasia esculenta): 1889 Eddoes. .(Colo-caste) (Gardner 359). 1978 eddie (from the Indo-Pacific region) (Campbell 56). Danny! Bring me that eddy off the fire-hearth (Andros). cf. GARDEN EDDY, SHORT EDDY

Tags: food, noun, plant

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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