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adj. 1. [Car., OED (of meat) not salted; Brit. dial, West fresh insipid, tasteless (Orton L39)] (of meat, rice, etc,) unsalted or unseasoned. (Black)

2.   [also Bajan (Collymore), Krio (Hancock p.c.); perhaps from the greater likelihood of unsalted meat to decay; cf. also Haitian fre fresh; stench HCEFD ] noticeably smelly: 1966 Ain't good to be so fresh (a triple play on the word "fresh" meaning unripe for the banana, foul-smelling for the wasp nest, and too bold for Booky) (Crowley 88). (Black)

3.[DAE, impudent, bold] (of persons) promis­cuous; sexually exciting. (Gen.)

-n. (Car., US dial. idem ADD; cf. adj. 1] un­salted meat: 1918 He need some fresh. He send him to the pasture for a kid (Parsons 118). (Black/

Tags: adjective, food, noun, sexuality

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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