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/gíychiy/ [cf. Gul. "giJi gici the Gullah dialect; one who speaks Gullah; cf. Mende gidzhi a country called Kissy (Liberia)" (Turner 1949:194); cf. US dial. South "geechee, geechy . .a low country [i.e. South Carolina coast] term for a negro.. :Wild Negroes fresh from Africa used to be put on Ogeechee river planta­tions in Georgia to mix with the hands there un­til they learned the minimum of white man's ways, that is, wearing clothes, a few English words, etc. Thus a geechy Negro means a Negro from an Ogeechee plantation" WSC; W3 concurs with this etym.; the geographical designation varies: DAS defines Geechee as "a Southern American Negro", Smiley (1919:378) refers to "the Geechee of the Florida Keys", while the ADD defines a Geechee as "a negro from the islands, as from the Bahamas"; DAS marks the term "derogatory"; cf. US Black "She was a big, burly-looking, dark type sort of girl, a real geechy-looking girl" (Labov 1972:390); there may be a connection with DIE giichi a stingy or mean person.]

n. 1. a rustic Black American from the South: A Geechee is what you could call a Merican who's work field (Nassau).

2. [cf. Gul. idem (Turner 1949:194); cf. US Black, a Gullah or any black person whose speech is peculiar or unintelligible to the hearer (Folb); Stewart (p.c.) notes "In the area between Beaufort and Charleston, S.C. the term Geechee is replacing the older term Gullah. However, where both are still used, Geechee generally refers to more decreolized urban speech and Gullah to more conservative rural speech."] the speech of such a person. (Cat, Nassau)

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