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v. 1. [W Car.; also NYC dial.; cf. OED get to acquire (wealth) absolute] to receive (absolute): Don't worry 'bout that-people will get (Nassau). (Black)

2.   [Car.; cf. OED, v.t. to gain, reach, arrive at (a place) obs. → 1712; also Scots CSD] to reach (a place): He get England (Eleu.). (Black)

3.   [Car.; from (have) got] to have: 1904 You will get a sweet sleep (Clavel 37). He get plenty head for business (Nassau). (Black)

4.   [W Car.] to fall (in love): 1966 B' Rabby get in love with the best looking goil (Crowley 79). (Black)

5.   [W Car.; cf. OED get + adj.] to become (with a noun): 1832 It blew very hard. . but on Satur­day it got almost a dead calm (Farquharson 56). 1895 She feed 'im [the fish] 'till 'e get a big fish (Edwards 91). Now myself, when I get woman I's farm (Andros). (Black)

get a knock (Black); get a knockout (Eleu.) [cf. DHS knock (of a man) to have sexual inter­course (with); knocked up pregnant (mainly US); cf. KNOCK 4) phr. to become pregnant: She woulda come to the college, but she get a knock (Nassau).

get in the road phr, to step out (of the house). (Eleu.)

get into her [cf. DAS into involved with] phr. to become (sexually) intimate with her: 1954 WeIl, I love dat goil, so this is the only possible chance that I could get into her (Crowley 222). (Black)

get up (in age) [US to get old] phr. to become an adult:I work fiel' til I get right up in age (Long).

Tags: idiom, phrase, sexuality, verb

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Last update: 2011-05-01 01:41
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.0

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