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Other idioms with get in its common meanings include:

get behind somebody to do something [Car.; cf. keep after somebody to do something and BEHIND after; cf. also Twi ka nati ko (lit, keep behind his head) idern (K. Aboagye p.c.)] phr. to keep nagging somebody to do something: He only gon do it if you get behind him (Nassau). (Gen.)

get down [US Black, to put the intensity of "soul" into dance movements (Roberts)]

1. to dance (youth slang). (Nassau)

2. [cf. US Black, get down to the natural thing idem (Folb)] to have sexual intercourse (youth slang). (Nassau)

get hard! (Andros, Nassau); gettin' hard! (Mayag., Inagua) [origin uncertain, but cf. Krioge t at (lit. have heart) be unafraid (i.e. to perform certain action) KED; Bah. /hand/ may represent a hypercorrection of an earlier form] phr. an exclama­tion of approval and encouragement; similar to "That's it! Way to go!" (youth slang). cf. GET TOUCH! (Nassau)

get him (early) told [cf. Vir. "She had him well told" (Highfield p.c.), US Black "got him told" (Walker 1956:162), both idem; cf. OED tell to direct the attention (of a person) to a fault or the like by way of admonition, colloq. and dial.] phr. to reprimand someone harshly: I get them well and early told about the mess they make (Nassau). (Black)

get next to somebody phr. 1. to catch up with: 1940 [He] chasin'. .but he cuddn't get nex't' dis pig (Dupuch 19). (Gen) take revenge on someone: I gon get next to her for that! (Nassau). (Gen.) become (sexually) intimate with someone: She wasy tryin' so hard to get next to Johnny (Nassau). (Gen..)

get off my face! phr. get away from me! (Black)

get sorry phr. to weep: 1966 He gets so damn glad, and he get sorry at that [i.e. he cries for joy] (Crowley 116). (Black)

get (or have) the Spirit; get the Holy Ghost phr. to experience religious ecstasy in a fundamentalist church and to fall on the floor screaming: 1973 One woman get de Holy Ghos'/ In de middle o' my bench/ An' when she did done shake me up/ Ma funeral clothes was drench (Wallace 41). 1978 In the Bahamas during church services the ritual of possession is common. A person experi­encing this is described as being "possessed by the Holy Ghost" or as "having the Spirit"(Bethel 6). cf. IN THE SPIRIT (Black)

get tough [cf. GET HARD] phr. an exclamation of approval and encouragement similar to "That's it!" (youth slang). (Eleu.)

get up and fall down with somebody phr. to stand by a friend through good times and bad. (Eleu.)

get up off it [cf. DHS get up v.t. to have carnal knowledge of a woman] phr. to have sexual re­lations: 1971 At that time there still was a very high premium on female virginity. There were some girls who were known to "get up off it", but by and large no boy wanted his "wife" to be this type of girl (McCartney 110). (Black)

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