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girl, gyirl, gyal, gal

/goyl, gyol, gyal, gal/ n. 1. [cf. Car. gyal; cf. Brit. dial, gal girl EDD; "The palatalized /ky/ and /gy/ before front vowels were first noticed in England at the beginning of the seventeenth century, became the accepted polite usage in the eighteenth century, and survived in old-fashioned speech until the beginning of the present century" DJE lviii] girl: 1888 Some of 'em was gals (Powles 285). 1918 Look at dis pooty gyirl (Parsons 13). De gyal gone (ibid 50). (Black)

2. [also Trin. (Winer p.c.), US Black (Smitherman 1977:255)] an informal term of address to a woman usually of the speaker's generation or younger: [to a woman in her 60's] Gal, I ain't hear you coming! (Nassau). (Black)

3. [cf. US Black girl cocaine "so called because of the sex-like feeling it gives" (Major), but cf. Scots girl, girle to tingle, thrill; to shudder, shiver CSD] cocaine. (Nassau)

Tags: noun, term of address

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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