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v. [Car.; from gone, going, go on] 1. to be going: 1895 I might as vwell gone too (Edwards 73). Man, I gone! [said on the way to the door] (Nassau). (Black) be gone; to have gone: 1936 Wen d' boat get t'Nassau I gone down t' meet 'im (Dupuch 7). She could gone (Nassau). (Black)

3.   to go on; to get out; to proceed; to occur: 1918 She say, "Gone from here, you little black thing!" (Parsons 97). Tell her what gone (Eleu.). (Black) cf. GO, GWINE, BEEN GONE

—adj. [Car.; cf. Cayman Wednesday gone a week 'Wednesday one week in the past' (Doran 1954: 84); OED gone used to indicate that an interval is reckoned backward from a specific past date: "On Monday gone five weeks.. we saw Paris"] past, last (following a time expression): Saturday gone (Nassau). (Black)

gone away [cf. OED gone feeling a feeling of faintness or utter exhaustion] phr. to have lost weight and strength from a protracted illness: 1977 She's gone away wonderful [of somebody who has been sick and lost weight] (Albury 157). cf. FALL AWAY (Black)

gone big [cf. DHS gone pregnant: "She's six months gone" and BIG pregnant] phr. to become or have become pregnant: You scare you gone big, eh? (Nassau). (Gen.)

gone in the field phr. to be a small farmer. = WORK FIELD cf. KEEP FIELD (Black)

gone to bed [from idea of completion] phr. ex­tremely; plentiful: Dey come back home heavy down! Pregnant gone to bed! (Rum Cay). I get tomatoes gone to bed this year (Andros).


Tags: adjective, agriculture, grammar, idiom, phrase, time

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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