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guinep, gunnap, kinep, canep

/ginép, kinép/ [cf. Car. /kinép/ DJE; OED and W3 erroneously derive genip from "Sp. genipa. . from Guarani"; cf. American Sp. genipa (Genipa americana) as opposed to quenepo /kenépo/ (Melicocca bijuga) WFF, the latter, from Arawakan, is the actual source; DJE "The /k-/ form, now less common, better represents the source word...The standard spelling genip misrepresents both etymology and pronunciation"; cf. Haitian kenep idem HCEFD] n. the guinep tree, Melicocca bijuga, and its small, tart, green fruit with a large stone: 1966 This big knieppe tree (Crowley 88). 1976 Nearly everybody had a good guinep tree. . .we called them ca'neps (Eneas 8). 1977 guavas, gunnaps, mangoes (Albury 19). 1978 Missa Stubbs use ter sell okra and' kinep an' ting (Dupuch 31). (Gen.)

Tags: Arawak, food, fruit, noun, plant

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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