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/him, im, î / [Atlantic; cf. HE for lack of case and gender distinctions in pronouns of many African and creole languages; note also that "the third person singular pronoun has the form km] or [an] in the object case throughout southwest England (EDD 272)" (Hancock 1971:156)1 pron. 1. he: 1888 When tief tief from tief, Lord, him too much proboking (Powles 166).

2. his: 1966 He was sleeping with him eyes turn up (Crowley 115). = HE 2

3. her (possessive): 1918 De pretty girl make Jack lay he head in him lap (Parsons 58). cf. HE 4, SHE i (Mayag.)

4. her (object): 1918 Give him [her] de heart (Parsons 28). cf. HE 4, SHE 1, UM

5. it: 1966 Rabby going to the butter tin, he rake him out (Crowley 58). cf. HE 5, um

6. its: 1949 Hog run for him life, dog run for him character (Peek).

◊All of the above are considered typical only of older speakers in isolated Black communities.

1021. he

Tags: possessive pronoun, pronoun

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