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prep. [note that the early form na (cf. IN-A) was a general locative prep. corresponding to 'in, on, onto, at' etc. (Hancock p.c.)]

1. [Trin. idem (Winer p.c.); OED, with road, street, way, etc. usage has varied between on and M] on (a street): He lives in East Street (Nassau).

2. [Trin. idem (Winer p.c.); OED on is used in reference to any part of the earth viewed as a surface; in is used with proper names of countries, regions, provinces, etc.; cf. US in Jamaica (the country), but on Jamaica (the island)] on (an island): 1889 In Andros (Gardner 355). In Mayaguana (Mayag.).

◊Some Bahamians distinguish between On Abaco[i.e. the island itself] there are wild hogs as opposed to In Abaco[i.e. the whole district, including the surrounding waters] there's good fishing (White).

3. onto: 1966 He drop one big green [sapodilla] in he head (Crowley 63).

in the cline [from in decline by hypercorrection (cf. DE the)] phr. having tuberculosis. = CONSUMPTED (Eleu.)

in the land [cf. inland] phr. (of an island) in the interior. (Black>

in true [cf. in truth, FOR TRUE] phr. in truth: 1918 Dey t'ought de hunterman was dead in true (Parsons 91). (Mayag.)

Tags: geography, hypercorrection, phrase, preposition

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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