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/is/ introducer 1. [Atlantic; although lexically derived from a contraction of it is, the source of the syntactic function is Proto-Creole *da or *na; cf. Twi na idem (Alleyne 1980:89); cf. A2, DA3, THA'S1, LE'S ] highlighter: Is now where you does find we corn coming (Shilling 1977). 1954 Thank you. Is true (Crowley 227). 1966 Is funny name (Crowley 82). Hey man, i's like this: this mines an you ain't get none, so hands off (Nassau). Is all my generation live round here (Andros). (Black)

2. [lexically derived from is before a subject to indicate question word order, converging with the syntactic function of African sentence-initial question markers, e.g. Mandinka kóri or Yoruba njé (Holm 1978:245); cf. AIN'T', UN] question marker: Is your name is dilly tree? (Andros). 1940 Is you buzz? (Dupuch 120). (Black)

3. [cf. IT IS] there is (are, was, were): 1966 Once upon a time, you know, is two men (Crowley 100). 1977 Is only one big boss, you know (Shilling 35). You can't go barefeet there—is too much biting ants (Nassau). (Black)

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Last update: 2010-10-28 01:58
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.0

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