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/jombi/ n. 1. [Pan-Creole; cf. Haitian zõbi (whence zombie), Dutch zumbi; from kiKongo nzumbi Mbundu nzumbe, Vai nzúma, all ´ghost' (Hancock 1971: 429); cf. also Kongo ndzaambi god (Carter p.c.)) ghost; evil spirit: 1880 The Negroes. . . are shy of felling the ceiba. It is a magic tree, haunted by spirits. There are "too much jumbies in him"(Ives 91). 1918 B'o'Jumbee (Parsons 113). 1966 Jumby (Crowley 17). They used to fool the children jumby does be in them big cave-hole (Acklins). (Black)

2. also jumby bean, jumbay, jumbie, jimbay [cf. Car, jumy bead (Abrus precatorius), "placed around the wrist of children to ward off evil spirits" (Ottley 46); cf. JUMBY 1] a pod-bearing shrub, Lucaena glauca, used medicinally: 1889 Jumbai (Gardner 375). 1905 Jumby bean (Shattuck 227). 1920 Jumbie bean . . . jimbay(Britton 162). 1978 jumbey (Higgs 6). 1979 Jumbay is used as a laxative, for colds, the ''flu" and for "wind on the stomach" (Levanity 14). Goat food—that's jumbay, guinea grass, five-finger, rubber vine (Andros). (Gen.)

3. also jumby crab a small black crab (sp?), = GAULIN CRAB, DILDERS (Eleu., San Sal.)

Tags: animal, bush medicine, noun, Obeah, plant

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