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/fa/ prep. 1. [cf. Cam. fo for, at, to CCD] with, to; in, of : 1940  I don't 'gree fer dat(Dupuch 42). I ain't eat nuttin fa the day and now I dyin' for hungry (Nassau).

2. [cf. Bajan, Gul., Vir., Djuka fo, fa etc. to ex­press relationship of marriage or descent, as "Donald for Jane"—that is, Jane's husband, or son, Donald (Roy 1977:74); this may derive from an earlier fo possessive (see FOR WHO): cf. Bay Islands "Deyz for granmoda granson" (War­antz in Holm ed. 1982) or Cayman 'Who is the car for?" (i.e. who owns it?) and "Who are you for?" (i.e. whose child are you?) (Fuller 66); cf. Scots for by CSD, but also Haitian pour in this sense (C. Jerome p.c.); finally, cf. pregnant for (a man) in Guy. (Yansen 37), Trin. (Winer P.c.)]

(pregnant) by: 1832 It appears that she is already with child for Cuffey (Farquharson 75). She makin' a baby for Paul (Exuma). He born for a Haitian father (Inagua). (Gen.)

for (all) time [Car.; US dial. South idem WEA] phr. for good; once and for all: You ain't joking, eh? You coming for time? (Nassau). (Gen.)

for a long time (ago) (cf. MCC "Dis tree fall down 'cross my back for t'ree days"; OED for tang long ago obs.1 phr. a long time ago. (Black)

for a matter of fact [cf. as a matter of fact, in­fluenced by for a fact] phr. as a matter of fact: Children who will probably never walk or talk or even see for a matter of fact (COB). (Black)

for purpose [W Car.; cf. def. 1] phr. on purpose; intentionally: I am sure he did not do it for pur­pose (Nassau). (Black)

for sake of [Atlantic; cf. OED for the sake of idem obs. →1622] phr. because of: 1977 Come in, child, if you can get in for sake of dirt (Al- bury 22). (Gen)

for true [Atlantic; also US dial. South ADD] phr. certainly; really: 1966 That's true for true (Crowley 64). 1970 Get out! Get out! fa true dis time (Wallace 38). (Black)

for who [W Car.; cf. Cayman "Who is the car for?" (i.e. who owns it?) (Fuller 66); cf. Jam. huufa whose (relative pron.) and fi-mi my, mine (Bailey 1966:103,33) and DJE fi] interroga­tive pron. whose? For who they are? (Nassau). (Black)

for why [OED idem obs. or dial.; also US dial. ADD] interrogative why? (Black)

Tags: interrogative, interrogative pronoun, phrase, preposition, time

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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