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self, se'f

[Atlantic; cf. OED "the Poete selfe" obs. → 1579; cf. Réunion Cr, Fr. mèm idem (Chaudenson 1974:161)] 1. an emphasizer, corresponding to stressed pronunciation, the emphatic reflexive pronoun, or ´even': 1918 I won't give you the spit self (Parsons 70). 1936 If y' make a moo I ain't gon run burl ain't gon stay sef (Dupuch 92). The old man ain't bring none self [none at all] (Ragged). I hungry bad self (Nassau). (Black)

2. [cf. by himself or He did it himself; cf. also Haitian reflexive pn. and pou kò-li by himself, alone HCEFD; cf. ASS] alone (after nouns): 1966 Now he leave the man self to the roof [the others had fallen off] (Crowley 69). (Inagua, San Sal.)

with your (old) self [cf. Prov, his foolish self (Washabaugh 1980:39); Gul. his schemy self (Stewart 1919:395); US dial. South his fool self WEA; cf. OED his former self] phr. implying disparagement: Gone vit ya old sef now (Brown 36). Get out of here with your red self! (Exuma). (Black)

Tags: emphasizer, grammar, phrase, reflexive pronoun

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Last update: 2011-08-09 04:57
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.0

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