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/tek/ [Atlantic pronunciation from Bit. dial. North, West EDD; also US Black ADD] v. 1. to take: A ga tak' ya head fo' okra soup (Brown 34).

2. [Car.; cf. I was taken ill] to contract (a disease): 1977 Some people today question whether it was polio or not, because no one took it from me (Albury 79).

3. [OED, to fit into a certain size] to reach (in height): He takes me up to my shoulder (White). cf. CATCH

4. [cf. take medicine] to undergo (surgery): He done take operation; it wasnt serious (Long). take (a) feeling (s) to phr. to take pity on: 1928 De judge take a feelings to da moanin' of de moder (Parsons 479).

take a sight at (cf. catch sight of and OED take a sight make a celestial observation nautical] phr. to spot: 1966 He take a sight at John and Mary in the field (Crowley 111).

take bed take one's bed:  He had to take bed (COB).

take (in) with [Car.; cf. OED to be taken ill (rarely active) by reanalysis of taken as take in] phr. to become suddenly affected by (an illness): He come off the boat from sponging and take in with this shortness of breath (Andros). Just as I reached the door I took with a pain (COB).

take my oath to Jesus [cf. to take an oath, converging with to swear to (God, etc).)] phr. to swear to God.

take news [cf. NEWS] phr. to pass information or gossip: He did not get himself involved in the family's affairs by taking news from one to another (COB). cf. TOTE NEWS

take off [OED, to remove from the condition of being on] phr. to turn off, as lights.

take second thought [cf. to have second thoughts] phr. to reconsider.

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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