In February 2009, I received my Ph.D. from the Language and Rhetoric stream of the Department of English at the University of Washington. I specialize in the fields of rhetorical theory, linguistics, writing in the disciplines, rhetoric of science, computers and composition, and EAP.

I am now an Assistant Professor in the School of English Studies at the
College of the Bahamas, Nassau.

At COB, I have taught English 119: College Writing Skills I, section 1 and section 26 and English 120: College Writing Skills II, section 11. I have also recently designed and built the COB School of English Studies website.

English 281 screen shot
At UW, I taught many writing classes, including a section of Intermediate Composition with a specific focus on writing in the disciplines and genre-theory pedagogy.

English 282 screen shot

At UW I also taught Composing for the Web, a course in which students critique and analyze web compositions and produce some of their own unique web compositions.