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adj. 1. [Pan-Creole; cf. Haitian sik rouj (lit. sugar red) brown sugar TDKF; a calque: "in Twi and other W Afr languages red .... includes red, orange, yellow" DJE] of a color ranging from tan to maroon: 1918 Take t'ree er de wife aigg, but do' take none er de red one (Parsons 24). (Black)

2. [Atlantic; cf. RED adj. 1 and Twi buroni kokoo (lit, ripe red) white 'person (K. Aboagye p.c.) and Yoruba enia pupa (lit. person red) light-skinned person (Oyedeji p.c.) and Reunion Cr. Fr. ruzõ métis roux aux traits négroides (Chaudenson 1974:22) or nwa:r ruz idem (ibid 108); cf. Haitian wouj idem (H. Gaujean p.c.)] (of persons) light-skinned with Negroid features: 1971 Chorused by a group of kids at the wrong end of the colour scale to put down some "stuck up" fairer-skinned individual: "Black-is-the­-beauty-but-red-is-the-hog" (McCartney 54). = HARD RED, RED-SKINR; cf. RED HOG, HIGH YELLOW, PINKY (Black)

—n. [cf. RED adj. 2; US Black redbone a black female with light skin color (Claerbaut)] a per­son who is white or nearly white. (Black)

-v. [Gul, idem (Gonzales 1924:85); OED idem obs.- 1422 + verb-like function of Cr. adj. under the influence of African syntax] to become red; to redden: 1973 Her eye started to red (Missick 19).

Tags: adjective, calque, noun, verb

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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