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ride (1)

v. 1. [Trin. idem (Winer); cf. Gul. "Ole hag ...rides yuh", i.e. Witches "ride people asleep and cause horrible dreams as they sit on the chest of those they smother or choke" (Writers' Program 1940:47); cf. OED ride of the night­mare, witches, etc.: to sit upon a person; to op­press or harass; cf. also OED hag-ridden af­flicted by a nightmare; oppressed in mind; pos­sibly converging with an African metaphor: cf. Haitian "chevauché ridden like a horse; in voo­doo it means 'mounted by a god" (New York Times, 12/2/79); cf. Reunion Cr. Fr. léspri la mõt si:r I: (lit, the spirit mounts him) (Chauden­son 1974:146)] (of spirits) to haunt, harass. (Black)

2. [cf. Brit. dial. South ride to rise upon the stomach (of food) EDD] (of food) to cause in­digestion: The food is riding you (Eleu.). cf. HAUNT V. 2, LAY ON YOUR CHEST (Gen.)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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