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[cf. Brit. dial. North rush a crowd; to push EDD; Scots rushie tumult CSD] v. 1. to participate in a JUNKANOO parade: 1971 Junkanoo morning ... anyone who was in the could joing the parade and "rush" (McCarnety 110). 1978 Junkanoo ... was characterized by rival masked and costumed bands, represnting various districts of the island. These "gangs," each headed by a leader, "dancing backwards a curious kind of pas seul -- one step forward and two steps back" would "rush" along Bay Street in opposite directions and the resulting clash sometimes ended up in brawls and mock fighting (Bethel 221). (Black)

2. to march or struct up and down the side of a church to a lively spiritual, singing or clapping in rhythm, often as part of a CONCERT or progam after the main service: 1978 [At] a "rushing meeting" ... the members of the church march or dance in a circle while singing and chanting anthems (Bethel 78). = RALLY (Inagua, Mayag.)

Tags: dance, Junkanoo, music, religion, verb

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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