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boogie (1)

[Probably the convergence of two words of different origin, one meaning 'devil' and the other 'dance'. For the first, cf. OED Bogy the devil (probably Germanic; cf. Swiss Böög Ghost of Winter) and Brit. dial. forms (Orton L64) as well as US booger ghost DAE, also Black (Parsons 1917a:189). For the second meaning, Dalby (1972:178) notes US Black "boog to dance; cf. Hausa buga, bugi and Mandingo bugo, both to beat, to beat drums; also Krio bogi(-bogi) to dance." The connection could be in US Black boogie-woogie, which "some people believe refers to the devil, the 'boogie" (Major). In US dial. boogie meant a lurking, vengeful Indian, later applied to a Negro ADD, probably the source of booger dance a grotesque masked dance in Cherokee Indian winter festivals W3]

v. 1. to die unsaved and go to hell: The old lady boogie 'cause she is a witch (Eleu.).

2. to go out dancing (youth slang). (Nassau)

Tags: dance, game, verb, youth slang

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.1

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