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n. 1. [Atlantic; OED "(Recent, and probably a direct adoptation of the Dutch bosch in colonies originally Dutch) applied to the uncleared or untilled districts in the British colonies"] forest; scrubland: 1918 He ran rrough de bush (Parsons 10). (Gen.)

2. [Car.] undergrowth: 1966 Let's go cut bush (Crowley 58). (Gen.)

3. [Car.] plants that are not cultivated: 1917 The people, swaying, come to and fro with the valuable logwood and other "bush"in bundles on their heads (Defiles 38). What's that? [pointing to a plant]. Bush. (San Sal.).

4. [Atlantic] medicinal plants: 1869 The sufferer . . . takes some "bush" decoction (Bacot 65). cf. BUSH MEDICINE (Gen.)

5. any plant: 1940 Broccoli an' celery an' all dem funny kine o' foreign bush (Dupuch 36).

Tags: bush medicine, geography, noun, plant

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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