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/yéy(h)ow/ [cf. W Car. Yaho or Yoho idem (Holm 1978:214); cf. OED yahoo name invented by Swift in Gulliver's Travels for an imaginary race of brutes having the form of men; unlike the latter, the Bah. and W Car, monsters share specific traits (form, cry, nocturnal prowling, lust for women, backwards feet) suggesting borrowing (see Parsons 1918:ix for settlement of Andros from W Car.) and an African origin, cf. Hweda yáhue or Kambari yóho, both 'devil' (Koelle 1854:74-5); cf. also US dial. yahoo backwoods-man; half-wit; dirty, vicious child ADD and US Black yacoo white person (derog.); racist (Folb)] n. a mythological creature; see the first quot.: 1966 The Yehos are large manlike spirits who stand upright, are covered with hair, and have claws like bears. They can mate with women, producing hairy babies. They are reported to live near Fresh Creek, Andros and on Long Island. Their most spectacular trait irthat their feet are on backwards like such African spirits as the Dahomean yehwe (Crowley 18). A Yeho is a monster with his feet turned backwards; he yells "Yehor and scares people in the woods (White). Yehos are little white dwarves with beards whose feet are turned backwards. They live in caves and come out at night (White). ,A Yeho is a big monster to scare kids (Inagua). (White, Inagua)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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